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The case of Jeep vs Subaru when it comes to AWD

I was talking to my cousin the other day, he actually introduced me to Subaru and something came to my mind:

What is the point of the Jeep brand to have by default 2WD crossovers with a 4x4 or AWD as options (costly sometimes) whereas Subaru crossovers are native AWD ?

Native and symetrical AWD + very descent ground clearance is Subaru`s brand signature for their crossovers as for Jeep they are just plugging AWD as an option in their models just like any other make...

I mean I have no problem with Jeep going from hardcore off-road trucks to family crossovers / SUVs but Comapss, Patriot, Cherokee or Renegade, as a base model, they are all 2WD without a big deal of a ground clearance. We need to add a package to make them in my opinion worth the distinction of the brand signature called "Jeep"!

Your thought on that?
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