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Originally Posted by PutnamJeep View Post
Believe it or not, you have some people who like the looks of the Jeep product however they don't necessarily need the 4WD or can't/don't want to afford one with it.

I've had plenty of customers come up from the South who had 2WD Jeep plus you also have all the snow birds who won't be taking their Jeep off-road or planning to be in area that gets a lot of snow or ice.

4WD has always been known for better grip and traction during off-road use, much more than it's AWD counterpart. Nowadays a lot of AWD systems use some sort of corner vectoring which helps it retain grip under a lot of circumstances. When it comes to off road and the slow speeds sometimes needed, the 4WD system, especially from Jeep shines.

Not to mention, the Cherokee and The Renegade use the same 9-speed automatic transmission and it's unique in it's operation. It launches the vehicle in 4WD to a speed of 20-25mpg and then it'll disconnect from the rear differential and be FWD till the 4wd is either driver or event activated.
Yes exactly, the modern AWD is not only for off-roading but for an automatic grip and traction control...

But the question is, are Jeep winning with this formula of plugging an add-on AWD on demand while Subaru are occupying the area of native AWD engineering Jeep should be naturally dominating in modern crossovers?

I immagine if we ask some person who lived in the 60s and returns to life today, what car make has native AWD and ground clearance for modern SUVs, this person will answer :"certainly Jeep"

Here in Montreal, Subarus are very popular for the exact reason that they are native AWD with a system that does the job in winter without any fiddling with buttons and switches as well as get them on rough trail in outdoors excursions yet without allot of gaz cost issues despite the full time AWD... Buying a base trim for any Subaru SUV or CUV will give you this effecient AWD / ground clearance package without paying for additional off-road packages and such...

I just think personally that Jeep should focus on this market: engineering smart and fuel efficient all time AWD in every trim and for all its cross-overs and avoid having them as add-ons just like the CR-Vs Rav4s and Rogues...
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