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Originally Posted by The_Warlin View Post
I'm very confused... Jeep is still dominating in this class. Just because it offers full-time 4x4 as an option instead of standard on base models and not "native AWD" means nothing. It's still a better and more advanced 4 wheel drive system than Subaru's "symmetric AWD". Subaru's AWD system is a "drive in the snow comfortably" type of AWD, not a performance AWD system. The Renegade is built for 4x4 excursions and not for AWD purposes. I'm not sure why the term "native AWD" is being thrown but Jeeps, as they love to state, always offers the "most capable off-road vehicle" in it's class. What exactly is your argument against this?
My argument is that I see engineering a car with AWD in its core basic concept is one thing and adding AWD as an option like a moon roof is another engineering philosophy similar to 99.99% of SUV makers...

I shall disagree that Subaru is only snow capable, it is not a rock crawler but as capable in its off-road performance as any Jeep trim with AWD except the "Trailhawk" versions or previous similar packages Jeep offered in the past... There are plenty of demos and experts opinions on this matter...

AWD Crossovers are ideal for families that need more security in winter conditions and some capability on rough trails for some outdoors activity...

Descent ground clearance is needed without sacrificing stability and adding body roll, belly protection is a welcome thing, tough suspensions and of course an efficient AWD...

Take the family oriented crossover / sport wagon Outback, it is 8.7 Inches of ground clearance by default... Durable and relatively more reliable... Plenty of space...Off course the proven capable AWD with or without the X-Mode or Hill Descent... On the other side of the spectrum take the XV-Crosstrek, same package but smaller and sportier... Etc...

For this I wonder why Jeep don`t have these kind of packages? I think it would be a winner...

Therefore the pure off-road vehicles at Jeep that win over a Subaru are now only the Trail Rated aka Trailhawk versions of their SUVs / Crossovers that are relatively expensive in my opinion. And then, who takes a crossover for rock crawling...

For example, look at the Renegade trims here in Canada now, they are pretty expensive in basic 2WD requirements and to make them worth the Jeep badge value, one must pay allot... Moreover, what makes a 2WD cherokee sport or latitude wins over a 2WD CX-5 or CR-V or Rav-4 or a Rogue?

My question was about a market strategy that I think Jeep should have used since its early crossovers to differentiate itself from the mass...

If you think about it, all what Subaru needs, is trail rated packages for its already capable SUVs... And this is realistic as Toyota can easily share with them these terrain modes systems from their 4Runners, Tacomas, FJs etc... Then plug some tires, suspensions and voilà!
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