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Originally Posted by tony View Post
The person that is of that mindset is probably a better driver, they at least know how out of control a vehicle can get and how to correct it when needed. Something that will make them an even better 4WD driver.
A good driver understands their vehicle. They wouldn't be having this conversation about subaru vs. renegade AWD. They are both AWD systems, and NOT part time 4wd with a gear reducing transfer case and other such stuff.

Subaru pushes the AWD marketing as an all the time thing for safety. Their AWD setup is pretty good for traction limited conditions though.

Jeep tries to make their AWD system look more like a traditional 4x4 system. Part of this is marketing, the other part is is jibes well with particular fuel saving strategies they make use of. (in the case of subaru, they cut power and moved to the otto cycle rather than give up driving all the wheels all the time).

The only REAL area there's a massive difference is pricing. Subaru's offerings are priced about the same as Jeep's FWD only offering here. Does Jeep need to be concerned about that? I don't know. Both Jeep and Subaru have seen big growth, but Jeep's has been much more massive. I don't think the Jeep brand has to worry about Subaru displacing them in consumer's minds, but I do thinkk Jeep needs to keep them in mind as they push further into the market segments Subaru has a longer history of success in.
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