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Perhaps I am cheap, but I was not going to pay $300 for Thule or Yakima crossbars. I found some Rage Powersports crossbars, sold by Discount Ramps, which are very heavy duty,(180 lbs. capacity) lockable, and fit my new Renegade factory roof rack. The part number is RB-1004-9. $80 with shipping. My primary purpose is the occasional Home Depot run for ten 2x4s, to be strapped on. Rage Poweresports products are also sold on Walmart web site.

I did fashion 3/4 by 1 rubber shim for insertion under the cross bars at the four connection points. I wedged the rubber shims between the factory longitudinal bar and the cross bar clamping mechanism so there is upward tension in addition to the clamping tension. Also, I put lock-tite on the four nuts that secure the outside clamp of the bar. The inside clamps on the cross bars are secured by a threaded rod that has a lockable knob. After the knob is tightened, you lock it with a key and it then spins freely.

I suppose I will get some wind noise from these cross bars because they are 1 by 1 1/2 heavy steel, not the aerodynamic shape of some of the fancy manufacturers.

I note that the manufacturer cautions that the cross bars should be removed when not in use but I am confident my slight modifications (lock-tite and rubber shim) will keep them secure for a long time.
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