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Glad to hear more people are realizing the issue and are coming forward!! I had 2015 renegade limited with "9 speaker premium audio upgrade". Sounded fantastic and had plenty of volume around 25 setting. At 30 setting it was pounding. Subwoofer made mirrors shake on the car. I liked the new color options on the new renegades and decided to trade up to a 2016 renegade trailhawk with the" beats audio 9 speaker upgrade". Sounds the max volume setting its still not as loud as the 2015. Went back into the dealership and compared it with other 2016 renegades and they all sound horrible. Sound just about the same as the 2016 without the 9 speaker upgrade. Dealer said I could either take the car or change my mind and that there may be a recall on it coming up in the near future. I took the car to my local car audio installer and he said that he believes the speaker wires are hooked up incorrectly. if you listen to each individual speaker, it really shows. Out of the front door 6x9's they are all sub bass and nothing else. Out of the rear 6x9's it is all mids, and out of the rear subwoofer, its almost all high end. If I cut into the wiring it will void the warranty. Called jeep and filed a complaint and they said if they get enough complaints about it, they will make a recall on it and fix the issue but it could take several months if not longer. They really didn't seem to have concern or care for the issue. If not, there is nothing that will happen. Maybe a lot of new owners never heard the 2015 model and don't know what to expect it to sound like. Mp4's sound better than older mp3's I have found. So frustrating....

What I did to "fix" the issue....On the drivers side in the trunk area is an access panel and if you look way down in there, that is the location of the power amp for the radio. Its only a few bolts and clips to get enough access to be able to unclip the harness and use T-taps to tap into the 2 wires for a LOC converter. I went to a local stereo pawn shop and picked up a 12" subwoofer with an enclosure and a power amp, a LOC converter at best buy, and a complete wiring kit from Walmart, all for around $150.00. I ended up wiring up another subwoofer and the radio sounds 100% better and more even sounding from front to rear. Even though its still not correct, I learned that all the speaker signals that come out of the factory amp and go to the different speakers are all frequency crossed over directly in the amp, so if there is a recall, it may be just as simple as replacing the power amp in the car. In the meantime, I'm 100% more satisfied with my radio now, even though it cost me $150, but it was a small price to pay to not stay frustrated and I didn't have to alter anything on the car to do it. Jeep has a nice grommet location right above the brake pedal to run the power wire so no cutting, drilling, etc. Keyed power is right near the rear fusebox..ground is right there also. Worst of the job was running the power wire.If anyone wants to know or see what I did, please let me know. As stated earlier, I'm hoping for a recall, but I gotta say, a 12" sub sounds way better than the 6.5" stock one.

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