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I was originally going to buy the 2015 TH and the 9 speaker option was included in the popular equipment group, which I was getting to have the 40/20/40 rear seats mainly. I started to like the idea of getting the upgraded audio and was hugely disappointed when they added the beats name and the 2016 came out before I got my order in. Since the upgraded audio had grown on me, I made the jump to order the premium audio. I wasn't happy they added the Beats name and the outrageous cost difference between what it was before, but did it anyway. I haven't taken delivery yet, but I fear when I do, how bad the audio may sound. I'm not one to go around pumping bass and listen mostly to classic rock, rock and roll, etc. And never too loudly, but want it to sound good. I'll see in a couple weeks I guess.

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