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Size Selection & Warranty

Beyond the 3% WARNING! Diameter Variance rule, discussed above, that I'm also concerned about any possible impacts to the 9-speed automatic transmission, suspension and drivetrain component wear, but that is just the beginning. I want to make sure I have NO Impact on: Comfort, Road Noise, Handling, Steering, Braking, Alignment or Tire Wear.

Well okay, of course, there will be some compromise from a highway tread tire, but I’m speaking of trade-off between different brands and models of All Terrain A/T tires.

But MOST IMPORTANTLY: NO Impact on the Jeep Factory Warranty
So after reviewing the information tire size alternatives, perhaps the Best Size Selection may be the 215/70R16, for the reason being it is the same width as the stock tire and it is .15 inches shorter that the stock 28" tire height. This may help from Jeep claiming a larger diameter tire size contributed to any warranty claims you may have and saying you voided your warranty.
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