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Why did you buy

I thought it would be interesting to find out why everyone bought there Jeep. With all the reliability ratings with Jeep, why did we buy them,

I personally bought mine because it just felt perfect on the first drive. It fit me like a glove and I think the inside in just perfect. I also like feel the size was just right.

Reason I ask is I also have a Mazda CX-5, which we like, but I find the Jeep much nicer to drive. Yes the Mazda is a bit nicer on the hwy. but is no way as much fun. Of course the Mazda Forum doesn't like the Jeep and feels the CX-5 is way better, but I just don't see it and we have owned the CX-5 for almost a year.

Could we all be wrong. I find a lot a forums are very closed minded when it comes to there cars. I however am very open about all cars.

I came from driving BMW's and although I give BMW #1 for driving fun and build, they are very expensive to maintain over 100,000 miles.

I see tons of Jeeps on the road so keeping my on the road for many years does not worry be at all.

Thanks, jjp
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After having to get rid of a car I really loved because it could not handle Michigan winters (Fiat Abarth) I swore I would only own 4 wheel drive vehicle. My last vehicle was a Jeep Patriot which i liked but being an automatic was fairly boring to drive. So this time around I wanted 4 wheel drive with a stick shift, the Renegade was the logical choice.
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Back end of last year I was forced to give up my company car. It was a bit of a stressful time for me and foolishly I bought a Mini ! I know I know - what was I thinking ! I don't know why I bought the mini over the Renegade. I guess at the time there were very few Renegades at my price point to make it a viable purchase for me. 9 months on there are a fair few 13 month old Renegades in the used car market and the price was now more to my liking. So after trawling though AutoTrader and having this white Limited Renegade at a local dealer basically calling my name for over a week I just had to have it.

Why did I go for a Rengade over any other SUV ? Simple - I really liked the brand and its in the same sort of spirit of another famous off road brand that I cant afford (Landrover) I might have also been a bit of a victim of the marketing machine with Rengades being the sponsor of the Batman TV series - Gotham LOL. I only found this forum after I got the keys to my Limited so was not aware of any niggles etc that this model of Jeep can or could have. Having said that I fell in love within a few mins of being behind the wheel and have put around 1100 miles on the clock in the 6 weeks I have owned my Jeep and love it.

Its the first vehicle in a very long time where I cant await for the weekend to go on a road trip to where ever on this little island they call the UK.

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Turbos went out on my BMW for the third time. Couldn't find a nice used car in NC for $7k with less than 130k miles. 4wd with a stick. It was cheap and a small SUV. The CX-5 was too big. Lifetime MaxCare warranty.

My wife loves her CX-5 and it has been extremely reliable.
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I wanted to replace my 2007 manual Tucson with another manual AWD small SUV. Not many choices (here in the US anyway) for manual AWD SUVs. I test drove a manual Subaru Forrester, but was underwhelmed. There are manual AWD performance car options, but I already have an AWD VW Golf R - I wanted a winter driver with some ground/snow clearance.

I waited and waited for the manual Renegades to arrive in my area. Once I drove the manual I didn't like it at all, but I was already hooked on the Renegade. I love the driving position and visibility of the Renegade. I also like the styling (I like silly looking cars - I pre-ordered a smart fortwo within the first hour they were taking orders).

I almost always drive my Trailhawk in manual shift mode and I find that satisfies my need for a manual. If you haven't tried it, manual mode will transform your feelings for the 9 speed (shift to keep the rpm 2,000 to 3,000 when not accelerating).

I didn't have a feeling for the reliability before I purchased the Renegade. I didn't come to this forum until after. I've had zero problems with my Renegade, but I couldn't imagine myself buying one after reading this forum for more than a year. I feel lucky (knock on wood) that I got one without problems from the factory. Despite my positive experience, I would not recommend anyone buy one of these until at least another model year or two. I imagine mine will be worth about 25 cents when I eventually trade it in or sell it (I picture Yugo-like depreciation).
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In my lifetime I have owned Ford, Chevy, Saturn, Mercedes, and Subaru's( the last seven were Subies!)and I just traded in my 15' WRX for my Renegade. I couldn't be happier with my jeep! It only has around 1k on her at the moment, but I put about 23k a year on my cars. I needed a vehicle that gets good gas mileage and can handle these Western NY winters. After researching various SUV's, the jeep was my best bet......and after my test drive, I was sold!
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Saw it advertised on tv. Went to the nearest Jeep dealer and had a poke around a Renegade. I was sold on it. I was intending to go for a Skoda Yeti, but we liked the shape of the Renegade more. The Renegade is everything that I hoped it would be. After my motability lease is up in March 2019, I want another Renegade.

There is only one other vehicle that would stop me from getting another Renegade and I can't see the other vehicle manufacturer building a small SUV.

[SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]Enjoying my Renegade Longitude 1.4 turbo. Order one, you know you want to.....
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I needed to replace my 2009 Jetta (5spd), and had the following criteria: manual, AWD, under 25K, around 30 mpg. I park on the street in Chicago, so once snow plow season starts, it's pretty easy to get plowed in and stuck w/ 2wd. My wife's Forester handles everything you through at it. As others have said, there's not a lot of options if you're looking for a manual with AWD.

Test drove a '15 Sport, and hated it. When the dealer tried to start it, he couldn't and had to get a jump. Something was seriously wrong with the motor, sounded like it was misfiring, and was a terrible drive. Test drove a Crosstrek, didn't like that either. Waited a few more months, then started over. Went out and test drive another manual Rene - was like night and day difference to the first. Loved it.

I also really love the MySky - knock on wood, I've had no problems with it. It's about the closest I can get to a wrangler - without a garage and no place to store a hard or soft top, and given the Chicago winters, I'm loving the jeep so far...

2016 Latitude, 4x4, 1.4L 6spd manual, Crystal Granite
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I think all cars that are made today have the same reliability as the next. Any issue is blown way out of proportion given the nature of humans and the availability of communication devices. I traded in an FJ Cruiser, which I loved but was ready for something smaller, better on gas but still wanted a true 4 wheel drive, Which does not give you a lot of options. Sure there are plenty of AWD which are very nice. Again I wanted a true 4wheel drive, something I could fully engage when I felt like engaging it. So far really enjoying my choice of the TH.
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Why the Renegade? After ten years in a sedan and borrowing my wife's SUV to get the four miles down a forest service dirt road to our cabin in the northern Arizona mountains, here's what I wanted in a new vehicle: a) good mileage for a long daily commute and the longer trip up into the mountains to said cabin; b) a bit more clearance and suspension (not necessarily 4x4) to get down the dirt roads to and around the cabin, and to explore a bit in the desert and mountains otherwise (my profile - softroader to barely offroader); c) something with a little more space and utility than a sedan; and, d) most important of all - a clutch! Oh, how I missed driving a manual over the last ten years.

The Renegade was one of the very few vehicles that checked every box for me. And when I got around to purchasing just recently, they were blowing out the leftover new 2015's at such a low price that I got a 4x4 Latitude at a price just under what I expected to pay for a stripped FWD Sport. Considering that the 5/100 warranty on the 2015's dropped to 5/60 on the largely unchanged 2016 models, I don't quite understand why people are buying the 2016's over the leftover 2015's.

I only defer to reliability reports in the more extreme cases. When a vehicle is total crap like a Yugo, the word gets around, but short of that, I take ratings with a grain of salt; they're statistics, which speak to the group, and not necessarily the individual. A couple of the most reliable, long-running vehicles I've had, received so-so reliability ratings from the auto magazines and other purportedly expert sources. Conversely, I've had trouble with a vehicle or two that got good reliability marks in the press. With a good warranty, I'll take my chances that I picked a good unit and not one built by some hungover knucklehead on the assembly line.
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