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Originally Posted by MikeinDE View Post
So for someone who is not technically inclined. Is the GoPedal moderately easy to figure out as far as install?
There's no problem figuring it out. The problem comes in when contorting your body under the dash, and then if you don't have baby hands, it becomes more difficult. I had no problem removing the OEM plug from the accelerator; but, I was having difficulty plugging in the GoPedal connection. If you've worked in tight spots before, and you don't have a problem twisting your wrist/fingers in all directions, you're all set. I just couldn't get that last fraction of an inch of twisting to place the GoPedal connection on; I was like a couple of degrees off.

My solution- I took it to a Speed Shop (with good references) about 70 miles away after I plugged the OEM connector back on the accelerator pedal.

So, when they say it takes 5 minutes, that's B.S.
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