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Originally Posted by 84cj View Post
Not sure what it's like in your neck of the woods. Here in Maine/New England, there are Renegades all over the place. On an average run to the store, I may see at least 3. Couldn't tell you how many I saw in all my running around this morning. If they were that bad, there wouldn't be this many on the road. I also work in a small independent repair shop, only thing we see them in for is oil changes and tire rotations. With todays internet availability, it's very easy for the few issues to show their faces. How often to we see people like you on a forum just to say 'hey! Loving my Renegade!! 120,000 trouble free miles!!!' It just doesn't happen. All we hear is the bad out of the millions of good.

Richard Huggins here again. I live in the Pacific NW (Washington) where withing an hour or two at most we can be in the mountains or on the coast. There are many off road opportunities and lots of Jeeps. I see many Renegades but for some reason I have not seen any in the off road places I go for either hunting or just pleasure. I don't know why as mine has taken me many places that you would never want to take a 2 wheel drive to.
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