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  1. hrooster
    05-24-2019 01:32 AM - permalink
    2016 6sp 4wd jeep renegade, purchased in jan 2017. Driven to/from work/church on highwy-never off road-usually in cruise control up to date on all maintenance last serviced in 2/19

    On 5/4 while on hwy in cc at 58mpg, engine revved and overrode cc. Happened for 2 days,-service appt made. On day, a steep uphill on paved road, lost acceleration, and smoke pouring out from hood.

    Car towed to dealer, who said that at 29k miles and2 years old, with mostly highway, cc/ driving the clutch had burned out and caused flywheel burnout. The flywheel is under warranty, the clutch is considered "normal wear and tear" and is not covered.

    A Google search reveals dozens of similar reports of early clutch failure in 2015-2016 jeep models, including this forum, where I see numerous referrals to JeepCares.

    Thus, I registered to ask do I have any recourse (other than to stay FAR AWAY from any further Jeep purchases)?
    Thanks, Michelle Hryniuk, VIN ZACCJBAW8GPD89516
  2. Viking
    05-01-2019 08:50 AM - permalink
    I am heading back to the dealership today for an oil change and tire rotation. What is the status of the clutch situation, and what do I need to do at this point to try to get things addressed since 2 different dealerships are not recognizing the issue. Do I wait until I am stranded with terminal failure?
    Thank you,
  3. Viking
    04-10-2019 07:56 AM - permalink
    Hello Jasmine,
    Here is the information you requested.
    MILEAGE 4/10/2019: 14,709
    MARLOW MOTORS: 12/24/18 8482 MILES
    MARLOW MOTORS: 1/4/19 9146 MILES
    MARLOW MOTROS: 1/22/19 9703 MILES

    PO BOX 655
    CAPON BRIDGE, 26711
    [email protected]
  4. Viking
    04-09-2019 10:33 AM - permalink
    It has been to an authorized dealer 3 times where I purchased the Jeep new last September. All they have done is replace the hydraulic hose between the master cylinder and slave cylinder. The issue is the clutch "feels" as if it is not being pushed in all the way to the floor to shift gears, creating a grinding between shifts. New, the transmission shifted like butter and this is why I purchased the Jeep. I feel a big change in how it shifts now, as compared to then, and being I drive it every day I would notice the change, versus someone who is not familiar with the "normal feel" of my Jeep. Also, the clutch pedal releases VERY high, which is also usually indicative of a worn clutch needing replacement. I have never abused this vehicle or even had it off road as far as that goes. I only use it to commute 100 miles per day. As far as me, I have been driving a clutch for 45 years, and have NEVER worn one out.
    Christov Ashton
    Jeep VIN: ZACCJBAH8JPJ00138
  5. Mcentired2
    01-15-2019 09:04 PM - permalink
    I’m stuck with shorted out fog lamps. The dealership won’t budge, and my extended warranty people call it a design flaw on Jeep’s behalf.
  6. bonesky
    12-27-2018 01:45 PM - permalink
    I need help with my warranty and getting my exterior temp sensor fixed. Is this covered under my warranty. I've lost function of A/C and 4WD.

  7. Bart Zelajtys
    10-16-2018 07:43 PM - permalink
    Bart Zelajtys
    Hi, I need your help with my 2015 Renegade brakes, so my front rotors have visible deep grooves, it seems that the pads are too hard and while the car has only 23k miles (way past 12k miles brakes warranty) they do make a metallic noise while driving, but most importantly I am concerned about the safety. Today 10/16/18 we've dropped the car at the Oxnard, CA dealer to check it out and we were told that it is a normal wear. I am no expert but that does not sound right. (VIN ZACCJABTXFPC17520). Is there a recall for the brake pads? How much should I be concerned with it? Otherwise the Jeep is perfect, we are very happy with it.
  8. RenegadeOfFunk
    10-06-2018 05:12 PM - permalink
    PM sent about radiator cooling fan shaking issue.
  9. Riata21
    07-05-2018 05:14 PM - permalink
    My wife and I are retired and just saw a very nice..
    2017 Jeep Renegade Altitude Engine: 2.4L I4 MultiAir, Quick Order Package 27L Altitude, Full Size Temporary Use Spare Tire, Passive Entry Remote Start Package, 2.4L 4 cyls, automatic, 22 miles, Jetset Blue, stock # J17047, new... Jeep in SnowFlake AZ. in doing some due diligence I see where this car has had some transmission problems for the build year of 2017. Can you advise me as to what to ask the dealer to pre- check prior to us picking this up should we decide on this car. I also would like any new software updates and some record of that.
    Yes am a new member of this forum and have so far enjoyed JeepCares responses.
    Bill and Johanna
  10. Volstock
    05-26-2018 07:56 AM - permalink
    Hello again,

    Thank you for your assistance with my speaker issue. That was resolved yesterday.

    Unfortunately I will need to ask for your assistance again regarding my clutch issue. The dealer replaced the clutch solenoid a month ago and said it was fixed. It appeared so until last weekend when the issue occurred again, three times this week. When I picked my vehicle up they said they could not find anything wrong and since there were no codes in the system there was nothing they can do. I am now just a few miles away from 12000 miles and concerned I have a damaged/defective clutch. There have been 5 times that I have smelled the clutch following the pedal not fully extending. I am concerned that the clutch has suffered damage and do not want to go over 12000 miles and get told I have to pay for a new clutch when there was clearly an issue that has been reported.


    Robert "Bob" Jungbauer



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