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  • raz-0 ·
    Sorry I didn't see your message previously, I think the notification might get suppressed on mobile.

    You shouldn't be hearing the noise at highway speeds in general as AWD is disabled at ~53mph.

    IT should go away if you disable traction control, or if it gets lower than 37F by the cars temp sensor, or if you actually engage 4wd.

    A number of other things with the powertrain can generate similar drones, so you might be hearing multiple things.

    I think the noise is primarily an annoyance unless your rear drive unit is out of spec. In which case it will get louder over time, and will expand the speed range it occurs at. Hearing the noise past where the AWD cuts out at highway speeds may mean a bad RDU. It seems to be not getting worse post RDU replacement for me, so I don't think it is inherently destructive over a few years.
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