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  • Yoak ·

    I just got a Renegade Yesterday and have been reading some of your posts for some time. Already swapped a turbo blanket out etc.

    I was curious, as I know you made an intake and had sold some if you were still doing so. I have done this on my 280ZX (megasquirt, etc etc etc) and purchased bits and cut them up, but per time would like to avoid this. I also noted that you seem to have some other bits based on some of your posts. Are you doing any ECU Tuning? I know madness does, but not sure how I feel about them after a few calls.
    Newadventurer ·
    Just curious...I'm seriously looking into swapping the front to have the Trailhawk bumper/tow hooks. I may even have found a connection for better prices on the parts. Do you know if I have to get the actual bumper reinforcement bar from the Trailhawk? It looks like the brackets for the tow hooks bolt up to it too. I just really like the more aggressive look of the Trailhawk bumper, also already scraped once on a steep driveway.
    jellywhopper ·
    You mentioned in the skidplate post that sgt was working on some new ideas. Perhaps something for the front fascia, maybe something for the gas tank. What are your thoughts on these????????????? Thanks--i hope i read the post right
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