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  • Sgt_Strife ·
    If you placed an order just recently. I need to know your address so I can ship it. I sent an email to you, please respond with the address or PM me it.
    tazzel ·
    Cory just sent you money using paypal for your 1941. It may come through as Sandra Walton Clark. That is my sister we share the same paypal account (long story). I am paying with my credit card which is under Amy L. Clark at 10170 Melody Drive, Northglenn CO 80260. I just did not want you to get confused. Please message me if you have any questions.
    Sgt_Strife ·
    Alright, shipping for you will be $15. So total it will be $160.

    You can place an order here:

    P.S. it won't fit on a daystar lifted jeep unless you do some modifications.
    Sgt_Strife ·
    I actually have some in stock ready to ship at the moment, albeit they are going fast.

    If you PM me your zip I can get you full pricing (including shipping).
    gakeanh ·
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