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  1. 1.4 turbo engine zero compression on cylinder 4

    Engines Discussion
    I don’t believe there is any physical difference, more or less the transmission is what creates the awd or fwd designation due to it having an output shaft . I was looking out of curiosity and you could get a helluva deal on a low mileage engine ... 4K miles for 850 .. not to bad .. I wonder...
  2. 4X4 Question - Help Please

    I believe it would have to rotate as there is no disconnect in the rear...the rear differential always spins since there aren’t locking hubs either. I would say it’s normal, if you lifted a rear tire off the ground and turned it I bet you would see the same thing.
  3. Rotating Tires

    Wheels, Tires, Brakes
    I believe the jeeps are able to relearn position of the tire automatically when driving
  4. Defective Dunlop tire on 2018 Latitude with 26k

    Wheels, Tires, Brakes
    Hate to say it but typical Dunlop...I had the same issue with 2 sets on another vehicle..replaced once under warranty ,happened again 15k later . I would just get a decent set of tires and never look back.
  5. ALERT "Service Required" "Service ESC System" "Service Tire Pressure System" "Service Hill Start Assist"

    Definitely sounds like a bad ground or power issue. I had a 2000 Monte Carlo SS that every so often would chug and not run right and sometimes stall and not start. Dealer could not replicate. I accidentally one day shut the passenger door a little harder and it started to chug like it had a cam...
  6. Centering the Steering Wheel?

    I’d bring it back asap..the handling of the vehicle relies on the steering angle for its traction control, power assist etc. Essentially the vehicle thinks you are always taking a slight turn fwiw.
  7. Cabin Filter noise after replacment

    Maintenance & Service
    I replaced mine when I bought it with 13k on it.. it was dirty and a few leaves somehow were in there , I ended up using a K&N cabin filter since all I have to do is wash and spray with the activator which electrostatic-ally charges it. The nice part is the metal mesh..keep the rodents out :LOL:.
  8. Brake Not Compressing to Start Jeep

    Also sounds like a vacuum leak somewhere allowing It to bleed down brake assist. I still have assist even when my renegade hast been run in a month.
  9. Flashing D light on shifter?

    Any flashing indicator on modern automatics usually means a solenoid in the transmission or a speed sensor of some sort. Now it may be water got somewhere it shouldn’t and it will go away, but I would be inclined to put some dielectric in the transmission connector if this clears up when it...
  10. Transmission and 4wd

    I’ve definitely seen this on the automatics and like others said probably a software update or you may simply have a bad sensor somewhere..makes me glad I have the manual
  11. Headlight swap

    Electronics, Audio, and Lights
    Congrats on the new Jeep , I have been eyeing the JW Speaker headlights for the renegade..but at almost 700 bucks I’m waiting it out a bit. They do seem to perform extremely well though
  12. FS - Selling Renegade MANY parts for sale

    Non-vendor Marketplace
    I can vouch for this seller, I bought a few items and am 110 percent satisfied
  13. New owner

    New Member Introductions
    Welcome and enjoy ... I have 2 of these little Italian made wonders... a lot of fun with the 1.4 and stick.
  14. Looking to Buy , is this a fair price?

    Purchases and Orders
    Expires September 2020 for b2b and 2022 for Powertrain You basically read my mind on the amount to knock off the price.
  15. Looking to Buy , is this a fair price?

    Purchases and Orders
    Hello all, As the title states I am currently looking to purchase a renegade, I have a 2017 latitude 1.4 manual 4x4 Artic white on hold with 15k on the clock They are asking 17995 , but I have seen many for less but not the same trim level. It has been on the lot for 215 days...
  16. Hello , New Member

    New Member Introductions
    Hello, I am working on becoming a renegade owner and look forward to spending some time here on the forum. I already have learned quite a bit about the renegade just by browsing. Mike
1-16 of 16 Results