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  1. 2018 Jeep Rengade

    We drove our renegade off the lot with 14 miles on it! We have had it for alittle over a year and our dealership has had it for about 6/12 months fixing problems. We have to put new quarts of oil in it every 2,000 miles because it just pisses through oil, fuel pump has gone out twice, the bottom...
  2. 2018 Changes songs, restarts songs & stations on its own

    Electronics, Audio, and Lights
    I have a new 2018 renegade that is constantly changing the stations FM, AM & SXM, changes the songs I play through AUX & uconnect and it randomly restarts or skips songs too. What the heck is going on?? I got less than 6 months ago and it does all of this regardless of if it’s parked or moving...