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  1. Off-Road Discussion
    I just got my renegade about 4 months and I took it out to go fishing. There are a few spots where it flexes but nothing real bad. Today I noticed that my hatch closes evenly on one side but not well on the other. Could the weight of just a full tank of gas and a little off-roading bend this...
  2. Maintenance & Service
    Hey y’all, have had my renegade since June. Only have about 3k miles so far and was curious to what others with the same engine do for oil changes. I know the oil monitor doesn’t tell us it’s “life” and Jeep recommends at most 10k miles or 1 year. That seems a little extensive for the city...
  3. Interior
    Hey everyone! I have a ‘22 Trailhawk with approx 1700mi on it! I’ve had it since June and love it! I have noticed a rattle sound coming from right next to my head on the driver side. I’ve isolated it to around the trim near the seat belt top point on the B pillar. I’ve tried pushing on the trim...
  4. Aftermarket & Add ons
    A few people had asked for an in cabin video of the Renny w/ the Straight pipe exhaust as I essentially just removed the factory resonator and muffler. Mind you I also have an open element intake as well as a GFB Diverter w/ Sila BOV Plate. Check out the video below... Cheers!
  5. Exterior
    Hi everyone! I have a ‘22 Trailhawk. I’ve noticed that the driver side mirror vibrates when driving. I was wondering if this is a common occurrence? I’ve driven other cars that do it so I was just wondering if this is common on renegades? I may be anal with this as it’s the nicest car I’ve had...
  6. Interior
    Hey y’all! I’ve just bought a ‘22 trailhawk and I’m loving it so far! However I’ve been having interesting problems with the trim on it! I had to get the rear left window trim replaced for being messed up when I bought it. Now I’m seeing the driver A pillar trim is a little popped off. It’s not...
  7. Jeep Renegade General Discussion
    Anyone else excited about the new 4xe Renes coming out soon? I mean I'm not gonna be able to get one for awhile, but. Still kind of cool, especially with better horsepower!
1-7 of 7 Results