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  1. Aftermarket & Add ons
    I realize that the title doesn't seem like it fits within the parameters of this specific category, please allow me to explain. I would like to stick a high receiver onto the rene but in order to do that I need to completly drop the bumper and muffler to get up in there. I however can't get into...
  2. Aftermarket & Add ons
    Looking to see if anyone has experienced this and what my next step should be. Over two years ago I installed an aftermarket Sony XAV-AX210 unit into my 2015 Renegade. It was a by-the-book install based on iDatalink Maestro's guide, and I had no issues whatsoever. Everything worked perfect and...
  3. New Member Introductions
    Looking for good quality parts for 2021 Renegade Latitude fwd. Any bolt on or higher performance replacement parts for the engine/electrical components to run healthier. Exhaust systems. 1.25”-1.5” wheel spacers. Beefy tires. Tow hook options. Mud flaps. Angel eye/halo head lights. Clear...
  4. Aftermarket & Add ons
    has anyone had any experience ordering parts from Ali express to USA? does anyone have this grill? if ao please share pics. These fake grills are the only thing on my Rene im unhappy with. I have heard they have some issues with heat Will this help or hurt? im new here with new 2020 Rene sport.
  5. Aftermarket & Add ons
    I’m looking in to options for outboard storage for Extra gas mainly and maybe a full size spare and some extra goodies. My dilemma is I love the My Sky panels that I have and want to be able to take them Off and enjoy the weather. So I’m hesitant about having a roof basket or similar. Do you all...
  6. Aftermarket & Add ons
    So, I love this cargo basket from Thule, and I love their crossbars, but I don't love the crossbars' $500 price. Any recommendations for other locking crossbars that would suffice for this, instead?
  7. Jeep Renegade General Discussion
    Don't get need wrong I do love my Jeeps tail lights but I can't believe they don't make not a single aftermarket option? Led or regular I just can't believe it ! It's not like the renegade isn't popular it is very popular I don't get it? Do any of u guys can't believe it either ? Or think u have...
1-7 of 7 Results