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  1. Trailhawk
    4.0 ATP lift, wheels and tyres (225/70r17) installed! Very happy with the look and how it drives. Massive pain to get it done, but worth it in the end. No one knows what a Renegade is in Australia, there are very very few of them. 1 of a kind little rig, at least down under lol.
  2. Suspension
    Hi All, I've just installed the ATP 2" spacer and 2" spring kit in my 2017 trailhawk. I'm very interested to hear from people that have had the kit installed for some time and can speak to any long term impacts. If this is you, can I please ask whether you have had any alignment, CV, Sway Bar...
  3. Trailhawk
    I am wanting to lift my 2020Jeep Renegade Trailhawk and get nicer wheels and tires. Has anyone used American Trail Products 4" lift kit?
1-3 of 3 Results