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  1. Problems/Issues
    Hey everyone, I’ve been a proud Renegade Trail Hawk driver since 2016. I just had a light come one and I can’t find anything out about online. It’s on the the upper right side of the dash, it’s a circle that has 125 written in it.. Mia anyone familiar with this? what should I do?
  2. Electronics, Audio, and Lights
    Hello, All buttons on front andback of the steering wheel are disabled, even the illuminaion lights are OFFline. EXCEPT the horn and the button for cruisecontrol on the right side seem to be ok. So i can't manipulate the dash screen menu's and radio. -disconnected the negative for a few...
  3. Problems/Issues
    Long story short, I parked my Jeep in a permit lot. Left it running, with the hazards on, doors locked, phone/wallet/everything but the keys in it. 10 minutes later, my Jeep was towed. At the impound lot, turned on my car and the dash was flashing every warning possible. Flagged down the...
1-3 of 3 Results