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  1. Suspension
    Hello. New member, first post, but have owned a Renegade 4x4 2.4L Sport since 2017. I purchased Eibach springs and I'm having some discrepancies with information available on them. I've definitely searched around already, which is what has lead me to this post to reach out to some folks who...
  2. 4" lift

    Here was an exciting but dreadful project. Took me 2 days and had to take it back apart to retighten all the nuts and bolts but after doing so she runs great with the 2" Rough Country lift and 2" Eibach springs.
  3. Suspension
    Hey all, just got done installing my Rough Country lift with Eibach springs on my 2018 Renegade Sport 4x4. While driving theres a clicking noise? Resembles that of a playing card in a bicycle wheel and it sounds like its traveling through the steering wheel. Only happens when accelerating and...
1-3 of 3 Results