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  1. Aftermarket & Add ons
    A few people had asked for an in cabin video of the Renny w/ the Straight pipe exhaust as I essentially just removed the factory resonator and muffler. Mind you I also have an open element intake as well as a GFB Diverter w/ Sila BOV Plate. Check out the video below... Cheers!
  2. Engines Discussion
    Okay for starters, hi I’m new to the group I’m J, I have had my renegade for 8 months now shes my baby. But baby is needing some upgrades. I have no idea about problems or easy ways of upgrading. Upgrades I’m thinking are like down pipe and the filter I’ve heard to upgrade it as well. But I like...
  3. Aftermarket & Add ons
    So I did a little something today...... AND I LOVE IT! Who else has done a Resonator delete and Magnaflow exhaust on their Renegade and what do you think of it?... Unfortunately I can't find a downpipe for the 1.3t so I might have to go with a High flow Catalyst converter instead. But 1st I'm...
  4. Aftermarket & Add ons
    i am looking at an after market exhaust for my 2015 renegade lat 4x4. i have found a few that i like, but there is one that i cant seem to be able to find sound clips on, the Mopar Performance Cat Back. does anyone have this exhaust? Do you like it? Can you post a sound clip?
1-4 of 4 Results