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  1. Non trailhawk vs Trailhawk after market support

    Aftermarket & Add ons
    Hello everyone! I am looking to purchase a used renegade on a dirt cheap budget and was debating on getting a sport and doing some mods to it later... My question is, do the Trailhawk and Non-trailhawk share after market support, or are the different? Essentially in terms of skid plates, I read...
  2. Tire Reccomendations (Help)

    Wheels, Tires, Brakes
    My renegade is all stock. I’m not really considering lifting it at the moment but I would like to get bigger tires and I would like for them to be A/T. I’m interested in going off-road, nothing super extreme but I’m afraid to do so with the stock 215/60/r17 continentals it came with, they look...
  3. Help me identify the name of this trim!

    Hi folks, made the fatal mistake of going through the monkey enclosure of the safari park, came away with a windscreen corner trim pinched. I've been doing some research and can't identify the part to order another so any help is appreciated! Picture 1 is where the trim should be, picture 2 is...
  4. Rockford fosgate p300-10

    Electronics, Audio, and Lights
    I have a Rockford fosgate p300-10 powered sub woofer on the way and am a beginner to audio modification. i was looking for advice and recommendations to install it with the stock stereo. as well as i wanted to know what wiring kit should i get/do i need for this sub? I don't have the beats...