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  1. Bad timing for me :(

    Jeep Renegade General Discussion
    I found such a sick Trailhawk here for sale in my home state of NJ. I was a little weirded out about getting it from a frickin Audi dealer in Princeton, NJ but my GOODNESS was this thing amazingly well priced! The only reason I didn't pull the trigger is because my girlfriend of 3 years decided...
  2. Help me identify the name of this trim!

    Hi folks, made the fatal mistake of going through the monkey enclosure of the safari park, came away with a windscreen corner trim pinched. I've been doing some research and can't identify the part to order another so any help is appreciated! Picture 1 is where the trim should be, picture 2 is...
  3. Uconnect Navigation system jeep renegade

    I would like to know if it is possible to install a Uconnect 7" or 8,4" Navigation system on a Jeep Renegade 2018 ("1.0 GSE Petrol Turbo 120bhp Manual") with currently Uconnect 5" system (similar images attached). also do you know from where can i purchase such systems?
  4. 2018 with 12400 miles and Warranty refusing to cover bad clutch and fly wheel

    We purchased our renegade with 702 miles on it new at a Hendrick Jeep in Birmingham Alabama. At 12400 miles we took it to Jerey Damson Jeep in Arab Al because it wasn't actinf right. They said it was the clutch pressure plate and quoted $2250. They said warranty refuses to pay because its over...
  5. 2015 Jeep Renegade

    Hoping that there is someone out there who may be able to help with the problem I'm having with my 2015 Jeep Renegade. Every six months or so, the automatic locks on the car stop working, then usually 3-4 weeks afterward the battery dies. It takes quite a bit of time to jump start the car once...
  6. HELP ! 2016 Automatic Limited Jeep Renegade FWD - Wanting to Change shift Knob

    Hello everyone, I just purchased a new shift knob for my renegade. I purchased this with the intent to update the aesthetic. When I purchased it on amazon, everyone said it was an easy installation. The problem i'm running into is: I can't figure out how to take off my current shift knob. I...
  7. New Tires and Rims Question

    Aftermarket & Add ons
    Hello, I am new here, I have a question that I was hoping to get some help and potential resources to find where to go. I drive a 2017 Renegade Limited. I plan on getting a small lift (either the 1.5 or the 2" that I have seen online). But prior to that I plan on getting new tires and rims...
  8. Renegade Aftermarket performance

    Jeep Renegade General Discussion
    Hey y’all, I’m new here and I’ve owned my 2018 Renegade latitude for almost 2 years now. Has 39k miles on it. I have the 2.4l and 9speed package. Great vehicle all around with no problems yet. But I wanted to ask around about the performance options this platform has to offer. Like some mods you...
  9. 2018 Changes songs, restarts songs & stations on its own

    Electronics, Audio, and Lights
    I have a new 2018 renegade that is constantly changing the stations FM, AM & SXM, changes the songs I play through AUX & uconnect and it randomly restarts or skips songs too. What the heck is going on?? I got less than 6 months ago and it does all of this regardless of if it’s parked or moving...
  10. 2017 Jeep Renegade 1.4L Turbo

    2017 Jeep Renegade 1.4L Turbo

  11. 11 Warning lights and more...

    New member, and to be honest, I’m only posting this so people can recognise the faults I had if they have a similar situation, and because the service I received from jeep and my dealership was so bad that I swore I would make an effort to spread this information. Engine management light came...