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  1. Lift advice

    New Member Introductions
    I just purchased a 2017 Jeep renegade latitude. It’s the manual 6-speed transmission with 18 inch rims. I want to put a lift in it, with bigger tires. I have shopped around and seen the cheaper lifts, the rough county or daystar. I also have heard that these cheap lifts can have alignment...
  2. Has anyone turbo'd a 2015 latitude?

    Engines Discussion
    Just throwing this out there to see if possible,BUT I'd like to thin turbo my 2015 renegade latitude and was wondering, since they have a turbo option for the 1.7, if there by chance is a "drop in" or "easier" route to go with trying to put said turbo kit on a 2.4L engine in a 2015. Maybe it's a...
  3. Tire Reccomendations (Help)

    Wheels, Tires, Brakes
    My renegade is all stock. I’m not really considering lifting it at the moment but I would like to get bigger tires and I would like for them to be A/T. I’m interested in going off-road, nothing super extreme but I’m afraid to do so with the stock 215/60/r17 continentals it came with, they look...
  4. 2018 Jeep Renegade Lift and New Shoes

    What Did You Do To Your Jeep Renegade Today?
    Hello, just recently finished my 2018 Jeep Renegade Latitude. Took some time to find the right wheels but I went with the Ultra prowler wheels 17x8. Installed a teraflex lift kit with my dads help. Tires are 235/65 R17 , klever A/t I found new for a good price from a family friend at their shop...
  5. Some Uconnect issues (2020 renegade latitude)

    Hey everyone! I'm a new Renegade owner and a new car owner in general. I've had my 2020 Jeep Renegade Latitude for about two months, I've only put about 800 miles on it. So far I've been really enjoying it, but I've been having some frustrating issues with the Uconnect screen in my car. It's...
  6. Trailhawk or Latitude (for man. trans.)? 2 or 4" lift? A/T Tires? Advice is much appreciated!

    As the username suggests, there is a Jeep in my future. I'm currently in the market for a Renegade and I've come across some great deals on 2018 TH model. My dilemma is that I've always driven a stick so I don't know if I want to switch over. From what I've read the TH 2.4L 9 spd. AT handles...