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  1. Passenger Lights Not Working

    Electronics, Audio, and Lights
    I bought a 2016 Jeep Renegade in December and the daytime running lights and parking lights on the passenger side have not worked properly since the day I bought it. The lights have flickered on and off for months, and the dealer just keeps replacing the bulbs. For the last week they haven’t...
  2. Led lights blink

    Jeep Renegade General Discussion
    Nothing to worry about, I changed all my lights inside and out. Led lights use much less power than the ones you replaced, so you will get residual power surges like you described. My DRL’s and my fogs will be dim up to twenty minutes after I shut off my Renny. I have people all the time tell me...
  3. Halo Headlights & Underbody Lights

    Aftermarket & Add ons
    Does anyone have a certain brand of halo lights or underbody lights that they recommend? If possible can I see some pictures? And does anyone know if underbody lights are legal in Texas? I’m having a hard time finding accurate information online.
  4. Condensation in drl light...

    Jeep Renegade General Discussion
    Hey guys I need some help I have a 2016 renegade trailhawk and I keep getting condensation on driver's side drl light housing . I dried it out several times and it always comes back and idea on how to stop it ? I'd rather not ask the dealer to take my whole front fascia off to fix light lol...
  5. Raptor Style Grille Lights

    Aftermarket & Add ons
    I am thinking about installing raptor style amber grille lights similar to this picture that I found. Just haven't found any info on it or seen anyone else do it anywhere besides this. Has anyone else done this and have any good mounting suggestions, wiring suggestions etc.
  6. Center Console Part Number and Function

    Electronics, Audio, and Lights
    Hello everyone, I'm brand new to the forum and I haven't quite found a thread that answers my questions to here it is: I have a '15 latitude and all my center buttons on my hazard panel are non functioning. I however have several KC lights and a bar that I'm intending to put on the car...