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  1. Off-Road Discussion
    I'm looking into getting the teraflex lift kit put on my 2018 sport for more clearance and bigger tires. I had a 97 grand Cherokee Laredo I would take off road on some pretty gnarly mountain trails and it did amazing. I want to be able to take my Renegade on some of the same trails. I guess I'm...
  2. Off-Road Discussion
    Will the oem scissor jack work for changing tires off road or is it not tall enough after the lift + bigger tires? My jeep didn't come with a jack so I used a hydraulic jack. It is no longer tall enough without an adapter + Its kind of bulky anyway. I considered the smaller OEM scissor jack...
  3. Non-vendor Marketplace
    Great Condition KMC KM708 Bully ( matte bronze ) set of 5 5X110 bolt pattern 16 x 7.5 +30MM Wrapped on COOPER Discoverer AT3 4S 225/70R16 All Terrain Tire (gives 4mm more clearance between the strut and 16mm towards the fender with no rubbings if you are driving JEEP Renegade) *No Curb Rash...
  4. Jeep Renegade General Discussion
    Hey everyone! I'm planning on going to Moab to put my TH to the test. I want to know if anyone knows any fun trials that will be a nice challenge. I was thinking Hell's Revenge, but I heard it might be a bit too intense for the Renegade. Let me know, Thanks!
  5. Aftermarket & Add ons
    I’m looking in to options for outboard storage for Extra gas mainly and maybe a full size spare and some extra goodies. My dilemma is I love the My Sky panels that I have and want to be able to take them Off and enjoy the weather. So I’m hesitant about having a roof basket or similar. Do you all...
1-5 of 5 Results