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  1. Maintenance & Service
    So I had my oil changed in May at 3700 miles and I'm now at just under 7000 miles and I'm getting the "Oil change required" light. Why is it popping up so soon? Do I really need it changed? On my last Renegade I never got an indicator light once and I only had the oil changed once a year. I'm...
  2. Jeep Renegade General Discussion
    I'm thinking of buying a 2018 renegade altitude w 21k miles on it, for 22k, but been reading nightmares about the oil consumption issue and not sure that is even an official recall, looks like another type of campaign but it also has two other recall campaigns. I believe all recalls are done on...
  3. Transmission
    2016 JEEP RENEGADE - SPORT ENGINE: 1.4L MultiAir Turbo | FWD & RHD | 20555 MILES Transmission: 6 Speed Dual Dry Clutch Automatic Transmission (DDCT) Good day Renegade Family & a prosperous 2021 to all who read this. Yes, it is a new year but unfortunately I cannot leave my Renegade worries...
  4. Problems/Issues
    Thought I would share my most recent issues with everyone here. Some background on the car. It is a 2017 Renegade Limited bought new and serviced at the Jeep dealer where it was purchased, it currently has just over 25k miles. Recently I noticed a puddle of oil under my Renegade. I immediately...
1-4 of 4 Results