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  1. Wheels, Tires, Brakes
    Hi all, Nearly every YouTube video that I've seen has a step to put your vehicle in "Brake Service Mode" before attempting to replace the rear brake pads. The thing is, I don't have the "Brake Service Mode" option when I navigate to Settings -> Brakes menu, I only have the "Auto Park Brake"...
  2. DIY & How To
    Any one know if the key fob housing can be swapped out? I heard some manufacturers key fob's have a internal chip that mates with the fobs circuit board, Thanks! I just got a quote of $420 for a new key fob!!!!
  3. Exterior
    Driving home from work last night and I heard an intermittent scraping noise. When I got home, a piece of the fuel tank heat shield got ripped off and was hanging from a single screw. Was able to remove it this morning. Does this have to be replaced? Looks like one side just rusted off.
1-3 of 3 Results