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  1. Electronics, Audio, and Lights
    I own a Jeep Renegade Limited 2016. I replaced the uConnect stereo system with a 3rd party product specifically made for Jeep Renegade (JEEP RENEGADE CARPLAY ANDROİD 10 MULTİMEDYA EKRAN NAVİGASYON TEYP 2GB RAM-MYWAY - 0.00 TL + KDV). No cables were cut during installation. Simply replacing...
  2. Electronics, Audio, and Lights
    How much power does the stock head unit output? (the basic one without gps navigation) In other words, what are the biggest speakers that can be powered with the car's stock setup without the need for an amp? I am looking for better sound but not interested in making the sound any louder than...
1-2 of 2 Results