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  1. Electronics, Audio, and Lights
    Hello, All buttons on front andback of the steering wheel are disabled, even the illuminaion lights are OFFline. EXCEPT the horn and the button for cruisecontrol on the right side seem to be ok. So i can't manipulate the dash screen menu's and radio. -disconnected the negative for a few...
  2. Problems/Issues
    Hello everyone, its been 2 months now, since I felt a minor "stuck" while I was driving on the highway with my Renegade, 2016, 1.4 Petrol. It is quite difficult to describe it, because the steering does not stuck, but when I am driving in a straight road, and I rotate the steering, a degree or...
  3. United Kingdom
    Hello- owned my 2015 limited 4x4 since August 2019, absolutely loved it until today.... On a trip to the new forest - about 150 miles from home, noticed that the functionality on the left hand side of the steering wheel went intermittent, couldn’t scroll through the settings or control the radio...
1-3 of 3 Results