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  1. Trailhawk

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    Looking fir a trailhawk bumper. The lower part hinking of swapping
  2. Hello from Anchorage!

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    New here! I had a Honda Fit for 9 years in Seattle until I suddenly decided to move to Alaska by driving up. I knew my low-ride 2-wheel drive wasn't gonna make it through Northern B.C. in the winter so like a day before I moved, I traded it in for a black 2016 Renegade Trailhawk that my cousin...
  3. Hidden Winch 2017 Trailhawk

    DIY & How To
    Hey everyone! I figured I’d post over here as well on my task of modifying the trailhawk to fit a Warn VR8 behind the factory bumper. Inspired by the mopar concept with the hidden warn winch I discovered by the user @persquank ‘s post with his similar mod over at toasterjeep: My Renegade...
  4. Trailhawk or Latitude (for man. trans.)? 2 or 4" lift? A/T Tires? Advice is much appreciated!

    As the username suggests, there is a Jeep in my future. I'm currently in the market for a Renegade and I've come across some great deals on 2018 TH model. My dilemma is that I've always driven a stick so I don't know if I want to switch over. From what I've read the TH 2.4L 9 spd. AT handles...
  5. Stock Trailhawk Falken Wildpeak HT & coils for sale- Los Angeles

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    5 Falken Wildpeak HT 215/65R17 tires pulled from my 2017 Trailhawk- 4 of them with 9300 city miles on them, the fifth was unused as full-sized spare- no leaks or patches/repairs on any of them. $200 for all 5 front & rear stock trailhawk coil springs (9300 miles on them as well) $100...
  6. New 2016 Trailhawk Owner

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    Purchased my Renegade in July and I absolutely love this car. Every line and curve are perfect and make the car so distinctive. The classic Jeep grill all blacked out is just awesome. It handles snappy and is such a joy on long trips to the mountains.