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  1. Start issues

    Hello, I just got a used Renegade Latitude 15 with 60 k Mi. The Jeep has been working great since I got it a week ago but now at least twice in a period of 3 days I have issues when trying to start it. This one came with the push button start, once I attempt to start it as normal the engine will...
  2. 015 6-speed automatic stutter / hiccups at low speeds

    Just got a pre-owned 015 (1.4 Multiair 140hp Longitude, European) with about 25k miles on it. Love it! When driving in the city center, I am repeatedly accelerating from 0-30 mph, releasing the gas, slowing down, stopping, etc. I have found that the transmission sometimes seems to have a hard...
  3. 2019 renegade service transmission, engine, and hill start assist

    Just bought a 2019 renegade, and off the lot we got it home. Only has 60 miles and went to start the car, and shift into reveres, when shifting the car slams into the gear real abrupt and loud, same when shifting into drive. on dash we get service transmission, service engine, and service hill...
  4. Stalling.

    Jeep Renegade General Discussion
    Anyone have any experience with the renegade stalling out? All of a sudden my 2016 Rene will say “not in park” on the dash then just dies out of no where. Any ideas of what it could be? The dealership wants $200 to “look” into it, because it’s just out of 3 year warranty even though it has...
  5. 2017 renegade latitude jerking

    Seeming to have an issue sometimes where the car will seem to lag then jerk into gear. Seems to happen more when I’m coasting. Any ideas? Hoping nothing too serious. I love This car!
  6. Transmission Issues

    2016 Renegade Trailhawk w/ 96k miles Ive started to have some issues with the car that seem transmission related and wanted to see if anyone else has experienced these: 1) most notably, the car has suddenly started to shudder badly when I shift into reverse after start up. Its not as bad after...