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  1. Radio presets

    I just got a 2020 Latitude with the uconnect 4 7" screen. When I try to set stations as presets.. I go to the station I want and put my finger on "hold to set" but it is grayed out and makes a sound like it's locked. It had presets loaded on sirius xm when I got it but I deleted several from the...
  2. Uconnect won't autoplay Spotify songs anymore

    Electronics, Audio, and Lights
    Recently I've been using Spotify (free ver.) to listen to songs in my 2017 Renegade. I got it used, and have had it since August with no prior issues with the bluetooth Uconnect. I didn't drive at all over the holidays, but when I starting driving again this week and connected my phone to the...
  3. Radio Swap to New Unit With Apple Carplay

    Electronics, Audio, and Lights
    I have a '15 Latitude with a uconnect radio. Is it possible to swap it out with the new apple car play radio that comes with the '19 renegade?