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  1. Warranty
    Hello, first time poster here! We just bought a 2018 4x4 Renegade and am considering canceling the Extended Warranty and the Car Care Service Plan that the dealership sold us, both from Fidelity Warranty Services. There are still some factory warranties for the next 1-3 years so not sure if...
  2. Warranty
    I recently purchased a pre-owned 2016 Trailhawk and then separately purchased the Mopar Maximum Care plan for pre-owned (factory warranty had expired). I took my Rene in to the dealership today and they determined a motor mount needs replacing and quoted me the deductible amount of $100 for the...
  3. Warranty
    Hello! I 'm new to the forums, but I have no idea where else to go for this problem... it's kind of unique. So earlier this year (~Jan 23), I was having trouble with my sunroof (Command View, full glass panel) closing. I would have to hold the button down to actuate the emergency close feature...
1-3 of 3 Results