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1.3 4x4 - shifting from 1st to 2nd gear

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Hello everyone. I am the new owner of a 2020 Renegade. It is a 4x4 with a 1.3 180HP engine. I'm curious about the 9-speed gearbox. When the engine is cold, second gear appears only at 3000 rpm or slight more - d mode. Also, I can't shift into second gear earlier in manual mode. Is that how it's supposed to be ? Thanks for the answers
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My 2021 Trailhawk also has the 1.3T engine with the 9-speed automatic transmission. So I assume everything else about the engine and transmission is the same.

When you're starting out, I assume you're in Automatic mode? If so, how do you know which gear it's in? In Auto, the only thing that displays is PRND.

Manual/AutoStick (+/-) mode is the only time the actual gear is displayed.

When it's in Manual, the shifts are supposed to be less-smooth than in Auto. Maybe that's why it's not up-shifting sooner in Manual. And when everything is cold, you should expect the shifts to be even less-smooth.

And when you say "I can't shift into second gear earlier in manual mode," do you mean accelerating or decelerating?

Do you have three-year warranty, like we do? If you're worried, then, yes, a trip to the dealer might be good...
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In automatic mod on cold engine when i accelerate from 0 mph the firsts gear change makes around 3000 rpm at speed about 15 miles. When engine is hot its happend around 2000 rpm.
I'll have to see when mine first changes gear. It also depends on how hard you're accelerating; "flooring" the pedal will make the vehicle stay in a lower gear for longer.

But with nine forward gears, the first-to-second gear change happens pretty quickly... that thing is constantly shifting gears...
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