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If your oil pan is steel and not aluminum, go with a magnetic oil pan heater. I've installed a lower radiator hose heater on my S10 and can report a decent result. Both are not as good as a block heater. On my 2007 Sebring, the block heater was a cartridge type element that you unbolted a bolt in the front of the block and then threaded it in. If they have one available for your motor that is the route I would go.
$1000.00 is way outta line IMO. You can, with moderate skills and research, do any of the above for less than $200.00... and that's being generous. A small, local garage would charge between that and $400.00 maybe.

EDIT... Yeah, I don't think one is available for a 1.3 as I'm having no luck even cross referencing Kat's catalog. It's either for a different engine or out of stock. If you are willing to put up with the mess of an antifreeze drain and fill I recommended a lower hose heater provided you can get it upwards facing to the water pump. A magnetic pan heater would be my No.2 option if the pan isn't aluminum. Anything you can do will be an improvement over nothing. That and a charged battery.

I honestly wonder why these aren't standard for parts Iowa and north.
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