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So I have a 2021 Renegade Trailhawk with the 1.3L Turbo, and I live in the US. So, from what I have been reading, this has been a conundrum for most Renegade owners, so I hope this will be helpful, but also wanting some insight from out there also.

Our Renegade is nearly loaded, just missing the sunroof, and cruise/park assist, but the other thing its missing is the Cold Weather Group which has the battery blanket, and block heater. I tried to order the parts myself, after talking with my dealer locally, and wow, what a mess I have gotten into. Long story short, the parts guy here was incorrect in his numbers and application to add the heater and cord. He gave me one number which was right, but the heater itself, was incorrect, and for the 2.4

Here from my calling another dealer with a more competent parts guy, is what I found:

Block heater: 56044738AB
Cord: 68440351AA

This shows up in older StarParts catalogs, for the 1.3L, but I have a 2021, and its a mess, I talked to several parts guys, and came up with these two numbers as the correct ones, the issue though being, the cord, is fine, about $118 dollars online. But the heater? What a joke! $400-600 dollars depending on where you look.

I am wondering, have other 1.3L owners done this? To go stock, parts and labor is pretty much $1000 bucks. What are alternative you have found helpful? There is no way I will pay that for a block heater. Are there better aftermarket options like the magnetic or glue on pan heaters that you have found helpful? Or what about aftermarket wet/dry plug heaters? Any info would be helpful. We love our Jeep, just wish we would have known about this before purchasing. We live in an area that according to the vehicle, could potentially not start when it gets to -30 ambient temp at rare times. We shut our vehicle off the other day when it was about -20 below and the dash came up with "engine heater recommended". We feel it is important to add this, but there is just zero information out there, any ideas you have, are appreciated!
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