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I'm ordering a Rene with 1.4L engine. When I test drove one, I took a quick look under the hood, and saw what I assume was the oil filter partway down on the RH side of the vehicle (to my left standing in front of the car). Looks like a plastic(?) shell, facing up at an angle, with a bit of a collection well under it. Had a large hex bolthead cast into the top of it.

I assume that to change the filter, one fits a socket over the bolthead cast into the plastic cover and removes that; hopefully the collection well catches any oil that drains out; the filter element is then changed for a new one, and the cap re-installed. Does this sound right, and how is the access in there?

I ask because we have two Suzukis, my GV and my wife's SX4. The GV has the oil filter up on the side of the engine, in a very difficult place to access; the SX4 is even worse, with the oil filter located on the front of the engine almost underneath the exhaust header, with virtually no room to get a hand or appropriate tool on it. Both engines have the oil filter attached horizontally, with no attempt to control filter drips during removal--it just runs down and drips everywhere. I have and have had vehicles with the filter located vertically, pointing up (very little drip during removal, plus the new one can be filled prior to installation) and I hate poorly located filters. I noted in the 2.4L oil change thread that that engine has a vertically oriented filter; how is the 1.4L in comparison?
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