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1.6 E-TorQ Evo 110bhp FWD - thoughts/experiences please

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Dear All,

I hope you are well.

I am considering to buy a 1.6 E-TorQ Evo 110bhp FWD model. Is there anybody who has driven Renegade with above mentioned engine size and would be so kind to share his thoughts/experiences, please?

I understand this is the most basic engine that is being produced by JEEP (I believe this model is not being produced in US, only in Europe), therefore I can't expect "intergalactic power" from it, but because I had circa 105bhp in my old SUV car and it was sufficient for my needs I believe this engine shall be sufficient as well. Or have the engines changed and what once used to be satisfying is not anymore (similar to the computer technology, i.e. 400MB RAM will not be as fluent nowadays as it used to be in the year 2001)?

I will be driving most of the time in the town and might go on few trips/a year to the countryside.

Thank you very much indeed.

Kind regards.
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I have a 1.6 e-torq sport. I think the engine is awful. It has too much torque in low revs so trying to pull away from standstill, especially if you have only just started the engine, means you get a burst of torque. This means you either get a judder through the wheels or you speed off at a ridiculous rate until the revs level out.

I've been driving 22 years and have never driven a car with such an awful engine. Steer clear.

I aim to change mine to a different engine as soon as they let me.
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