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1.6L FWD vs 2.0L 4x4 (120 hp vs 140 hp)

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Hi everyone!

I'm living in France - already a Jeep owner (old Wrangler) and looking for a small SUV to do long distances with (2000km a month) and also have fun for camping/adventure on the weekends with the kids.

I completely disregarded the Renegade at first (just a FIAT in disguise!) but since test driving this week I've fallen in love with the vehicle. For me it was mainly the aesthetics to get used to; once I realized the real Jeep in it, it's game over for me. :)

So, now, I have some tough decisions to make. Color, model, all of that. Trailhawk model is out of the question here as it's 35,000K euro (nice markup!). I don't get the pleasure of going to a dealer and having them help me find my perfect Jeep. It's more like "know what you want, then search the country for someone selling that". C'est la vie... :)

So the good news is that there is a cool new limited series Jeep hanging around in France: Night Eagle.

The color is fantastic. The wheels are indeed too small, but can change that in a year or two when it's time for a tire change.

Engine: this is the big question. It's easy to find the 1.6L FWD, and they're 3K cheaper.

The 2.0L is attainable, but I'm unsure of the actual value.

Question: the 2.0L is 100kg heavier, and adds 20hp. Assuming the Jeep is fully loaded - will there be much difference between the 1.6L and 2.0L engines?

Aside from the 4x4 functionality - yay or nay on 2.0L over the 1.6L? :)

Thanks in advance!
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Hi - I test drove the 2.0L 4x4, and 1.6L FWD back-to-back - and then borrowed each one for a couple of days as well.

In my experience, the performance was pretty much the same - or at least, not noticeably different, but the FWD was much less thirsty.

I opted for the FWD, and spent the extra money the 4x4 would have cost, kitting it with extra options.
Hi Julian,

Thanks for the quick reply.

Quote for the 4x4 is 2.5k more than the 4x2, but yes the fuel efficiency is what I'm most worried about.

Any specifics on the fuel usage? Paper says .7L more per 100km, but can never trust that. 1-2L more per hundred with 25000km a year would be 300-500euro more running costs a year.

Thanks again.

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