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5. The WALL-E Vents Were Necessary but Weren’t Unanimously Liked

First, Jeep insists that we call the vents that sit atop the Renegade’s dash above the center stack “ski goggles.” This is for two reasons: One, it further plays up the extreme-sports inspiration; and two, it would avoid any kerfuffles with Disney. The reason the vents exist at all is because the dashboard simply wasn’t wide enough to accompany Fiat-Chrysler’s usual HVAC layout of vertically oriented vents mounted on either side of the infotainment screen. So the design team moved them to the top of the dash. Chrysler design chief Ralph Gilles had to be convinced to go along with WALL-E.
What does this have to with disney?

I like how they placed the dash no complaints here.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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