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I've been told to air down to 15-20 psi when leaving the pavement for sandy dunes or deep silt, which is easy enough to do. Airing back up in the middle of nowhere, on the other hand, is not such an easy task. I don't like the idea of driving an unknown distance on underinflated tires in search of the nearest air compressor. If I'm going to drop several hundred bucks on the BFG KO2 all-terrain tires, I'm going to be very protective of their tread life.

While loading the kid's rafts into the back of my Trailhawk this weekend, the solution dawned on me. That regular household outlet on the back of the center armrest would be the ideal place to plug in the little 100 PSI air compressor I've had sitting in my garage. Not only will that save my lungs by inflating the rafts when we get to the lake, it will help preserve some tread life by re-inflating the tires when we get back on the road on our way home.

I lashed it down with a ratcheting strap to keep it from bouncing around back there on the trail. Both the strap and the air compressor are red and black, which complements the red accents on my black Trailhawk rather nicely.

In the foreground of the outlet photo, you can see one of my previous mods: the black leather Katskin seats with the cardinal red stitching. It's going to be way to easy to get caught up in the Trailhawk's back and red color scheme...


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