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115v plug is not on when engine lff

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My owners manual says the 115 V outlet is supposed to be on even when the engine is off. That is not the case in mine. Also, is there a way to get one of the 12 V outlets to be on all the time? It used to be possible to do that and other vehicles were they were not always on .
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You can get the rear 12v AC outlet in the cargo area to be always on by moving a fuse under the hood. I did this on mine and found the instructions in the manual I downloaded off I have not found or heard of a way to make the backseat 115v outlet or the front 12v outlet to work without the car powered.
This is seriously good to know! I was starting to wonder if there was a fuse that would keep the front 12v on, but I'll definitely take any 12v that will stay on.
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