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115v plug is not on when engine lff

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My owners manual says the 115 V outlet is supposed to be on even when the engine is off. That is not the case in mine. Also, is there a way to get one of the 12 V outlets to be on all the time? It used to be possible to do that and other vehicles were they were not always on .
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Thank you all. I will be asking about having the 115V on all the time. It runs through an inverter, so you'd think that would be possible. I've loved having all of my 12V plugs active all the time in my Astro vans, and in my Ford Five Hundred. So this was a a huge disappointment as I need them to be on.
This is the video that told me that the 115V was active all the time.

And here's the link to a vidoe on accessing the fuse box
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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