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How many times has your Renegade been in for unscheduled service?

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12,000 mile check in.

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Hurray! You made it to 12000 miles and have exceeded the average annual mileage for a driver in the UD. Let us know how your Renegade is doing and if you needed any unscheduled maintenance or repairs. Help out your fellow forum members, and fill out the poll. Make a post, and summarize your tale of joy or woe as well.
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New member here!
I'm at about 65,000miles now and still running strong.
4days after I bought Hodor (2016 white 75th anniversary latitude) had to get it towed back to the dealership, all the check lights were on no A/C, electrical components were wack and wouldn't give me speed. They had it for 2 whole weeks and finally got it running again. They told me it was system updates to the car...

About 2yrs in my MySky panel wouldn't close took it to the dealership and it just needed some lube and its good now.

About 3yrs in 60K mile mark had to get a new battery.

Overall he runs well and takes me about 60miles a day commuting!


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