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125 light on dash came on..

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Hey everyone,

I’ve been a proud Renegade Trail Hawk driver since 2016.

I just had a light come one and I can’t find anything out about online.
It’s on the the upper right side of the dash, it’s a circle that has 125 written in it..

Mia anyone familiar with this?

what should I do?
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picture would be nice

but the internet says

In my 2016 sport, it is a warning that alerts you when you have reached a certain speed. I have mine set at 80 and it appears when I reach it. In this case it must be set to 100 and you reached that speed in your vehicle (hopefully km/ The warning can be adjusted in the settings.
page 80 in the manual

“Security” By selecting the item “Security,” you can make the following adjustments:  Speed Warning: Set the vehicle speed limit, which the driver is notified through a visual and acoustic signaling (display of a message and a symbol on the display). When the speed warning is set, the icon should remain visualized for the same duration time of the pop up. If the driver exceeded the set speed, the icon should remain for however long the vehicle is over the set speed. Driver may also turn the Speed Warning “OFF” should you choose not to use this feature
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