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Hello everyone,

As the post implies, I'm a first time Jeep owner. I took delivery on my Renegade Latitude model right before August. It's been quite a change from the Mazda 3 I previously owned, but so far all the changes have been welcomed.

Anyway, I had posted on one of the service topics before because on my 3rd day of ownership, the "SERV 4WD" popped on. After a few TSB Software Updates at the dealer I haven't had anymore issues. I drive about 60 miles roundtrip highway for work, so in the three weeks I've had by Renegade, I'm already hitting about 1300 miles. I get about 28.5 average running 70mph. In town driving gets me right at the 21mpg thats advertised.

I just want to say I did a fair amount of research, video review watching, and forum skimming before I made the decision to trade in my car. I knew full well that a first year model may have its issues, and what that could entail time wise spent at a dealer. Thus far I haven't had any concerns. The transmission which seems to be a huge area of talk, concern, and otherwise has taken me a little getting used to, however being that it has 9 Speeds its going to be different, and its going to feel different from the 5 Speed Auto I was accustomed too.

Anyway enough babbling on my end, heres a pic for anyone interested. Look forward to interacting with everyone and continuing to enjoy the ride.


1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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