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20" wheels - width

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I see the Apollo comes with 20" wheels as standard and a tyre of 235/45r20. Standard wheels seem all to be ET40.

What I'd like to know is if anyone has fitted wheels 'wider' than 7" which is the standard width and will an ET35 work?

Usually there is a lot of tolerance in the wheel width to the outside arch.

I'm thinking of fitting Niche Targa's, 20x8.5r20 ET35 with 245/40r20 tyres.

Anyone else gone this wide, do they fit OK? gives this compared to the stock 18" on the "Limited" so the inside looks fine, it's more the poke I'm worried about as it's an inch wider.

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Does anybody have any information on the inside clearance between stock rim and upright?

I'm looking for 14mm inside clearance on the stock wheel to upright and then 24mm outside of rim to outside of wheel arch to avoid poke or rub.

Overall wheel diameter is the same as stock so tyre 'height/circumference' is not a problem.

Photo's would be amazing!

I'm sure this won't be to everyone's liking but I've received my lowering springs from H&R, this will bring the 4WD down 40mm to around the height of the 2WD.

I've also ordered these in 19x8.0 ET35 and will fit 235/45r19 tyres.

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I'm looking forward to seeing pics of this. Very cool.
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